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In Harbor Narc, you assume the role of dashing airplane pilot Jack Narc and protect schools from DRUGS. You'll dogfight the treacherous MR. OPIATES and you'll sink the despicable S.S. DRUG DOER in four stages of precise DRUG-BUSTING ACTION.

Popping on headphones and enjoying this EXTENDED SOUNDTRACK is as close as you can get to GETTING HIGH without provoking the RIGHTEOUS FURY of Jack Narc, Harbor Narc!

This album contains ten tracks from the Harbor Narc game and two bonus tracks, and has a total length of almost 40 minutes.

You can listen to part of this album for free on SoundCloud.

  1. Ephedrine (Title Theme) - 4:20
  2. Phenmetrazine (Ocean Chase Theme) - 1:30
  3. Benzoylmethylecgonine (Underwaters Theme) - 3:55
  4. Levorphanol (Boss Theme) - 4:55
  5. Benzylisoquinoline (Cutscene Theme) - 3:30
  6. Psilocybin (Credits Theme) - 4:35
  7. Methaqualone (Harborside Theme) - 1:35
  8. Hydrocodone (Game Over Theme) - 4:20
  9. Flunitrazepam (Bonus Track) - 1:30
  10. Mephedrone (Isle Theme) - 1:30
  11. Phenobarbital (Final Boss Theme) - 4:20
  12. Cathinone (Bonus Track) - 1:40
Release date Oct 05, 2016
AuthorSophie Kirschner
Tagsdrugs, harbor, Music, narc
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